Our experts

Toni Riipinen


Toni is the founder of Tempo. He started professional economic consulting business in Finland 20 years ago. Since then he has managed and executed over 100 demanding research and consulting projects both to the private sector as well as to the different governmental entities.

Toni has been responsible for numerous competition legislation related economic consulting projects from 2003 onwards. These include some of the landmark damage litigation cases as well as dozens of other projects related to merger control, abuse of dominance cases as well as for example the development of regulation in most of the regulated industries in Finland.

Pekka Ilmakunnas


Pekka is professor (emeritus) at the economics department of the Aalto university. He is the leading expert of industrial organization and econometrics in Finland. Pekka has published research in the leading academic journals for ca. 40 years. He has also participated, for example, in several high profile damage compensation processes as an economic expert.

Teemu Malmi


Teemu is professor of accounting at the Aalto university as well as visiting professor at the university of Lund in Sweden. He is the leading expert of cost accounting in Finland. Teemu has participated as an expert in numerous cases related to the application of the competitive legislation in Finland.

Janne Tukiainen


Janne is associate research professor at VATT (the VATT Institute for Economic Research) and visiting associate professor of political science at the Department of Government in the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has held the positions of researcher, consultant and government official in the fields of industrial organization and micro-econometrics for over 15 years. Janne has also participated in several high profile damage compensation processes as an economic expert.

Mika Vaihekoski


Mika is professor of finance at the university of Turku. He specializes in the empirical research of the finance theory. Mika’s research focuses on asset pricing and corporate finance. He has also advised numerous Finnish enterprises in these issues.

Timo Korkeamäki


Timo is professor of finance at Hanken. He has previously held the position of Dean at Hanken as well as several academic position in Finland and in the USA. He specializes in corporate finance. Also Timo has acted as an economic expert in several judicial processes before the different courts in Finland.